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Personalised Healing

Come back to who you are.

Everyone's path to healing is different. At Just Breathe Healing Arts, we invite you first for a complimentary 15-minute discovery phone consultation to understand which treatments would be best suited to your needs.


Private sessions with Dawn include Systematic Kinesiology, Quantum Energy Coaching, PEMF Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, and other deeply healing practices for overcoming physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. With our guidance and support, your transformational toolkit is in your hands.

Private Treatments

Kinesiology with Dawn Billett

Systematic Kinesiology

An exciting and comprehensive healing modality, Kinesiology works with the wisdom of the musculoskeletal system to relieve physical and emotional ailments such as joint discomfort, digestive imbalances, allergies, anxiety and so much more. We test key muscles to identify imbalances then use various techniques and recommendations to rebalance. Sessions are in-person and last
60-90 minutes.

£50 for first hour then £10 per 15 minutes

Rock Maze

Quantum Energy Coaching

A powerful, leading-edge talk-based therapy, QEC is wonderful for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, work and relationship issues, trauma, and physical imbalances. We explore areas of life that are not working for us and use science-based techniques to reset our self-limiting belief systems. Sessions can take place in-person or remotely by video call, and last 90 minutes. 

£70 for first 90 minutes then £10 per 15 minutes


PEMF Therapy

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy, also known as the "full body recharger", works with Earth frequencies to assist the body in rebalancing itself. This relaxing therapy has proven effective in numerous healing and wellbeing studies and is used by NASA to help astronauts recover when returning to Earth.  Dr William Pawluk is a key researcher.

£25 for up to 30 minutes then £10 per 15 minutes

Reflexology Therapy


This relaxing treatment works with pressure points in the feet that are directly connected to different parts of the body. We are able to dissolve tension that has built up in problem areas, including organs and major physiological systems, and bring the body back into balance. Sessions are in-person and last 60 minutes. 


Reiki Treatment


This popular Japanese healing art channels life-force energy to shift blockages that may be causing discomfort – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It’s a gentle yet effective method for maintaining balance and vitality in the body and brings a sense of rejuvenation and peace. Sessions can take place either in-person or remotely and last 60-90 minutes.

£50 for first hour then £10 per 15 minutes

For more info on our offerings or if you'd like to book a consultation contact us.

Words from clients

"I have been seeing Dawn for Reiki for two years. Dawn is a natural & wonderful healer, with some extraordinary gifts.  Dawn works from home in the most wonderful welcoming healing space that immediately relaxes me!  Dawn is deeply intuitive with a clear connection & understanding of the spiritual realm. The reiki sessions are always deeply relaxing, healing & fascinating!  Dawn has given me invaluable guidance & greater understanding of my own spiritual experiences & connections. Dawn has shed light on unresolved traumas in past lives, & introduced me to my own spiritual guides, it’s been an amazing journey.  

I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone seeking healing & a deeper understanding of themselves."

Tanya, UK

"The Reiki that Dawn provides is so wonderful, I always leave feeling lighter, calmer and usually end up sleeping so much better. Dawn is a very good listener, incredibly intuitive, and has many different skills which she intertwines into her treatments. I can't recommend Dawn enough, a safe, confidential and powerful practitioner. Book an appointment and float away..."

Jennie, UK

"My session with Dawn was incredible. She, in a very short space of time, facilitated much change in my “resistance” to change.  I began the session with a sense of undeservability.  I ended the session with a knowing, a belief, that I do deserve all good things. Thanks Dawn!"

Maureen, UK

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