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Classes & Workshops

We run regular group sessions for adults, including a weekly Kundalini Yoga class, monthly gong baths and transformational workshops throughout the year including Vision Boarding,

Introduction to the Pendulum, Refocus on Abundance, and Reiki Practitioner training.  


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Relaxing Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Every body is welcome in Kundalini Yoga. This isn't about poses or goals, but about being present in the moment. The magic is in simply showing up. We move, as gently as we need, to shift energy and revitalise the soul.

Gong Bath at Just Breathe Healing Arts

Gong Baths

Sound healing session provides an opportunity to deeply relax, rebalance & rejuvenate with the powerful vibrations of the gong.  Book private session (group or individual) or monthly group session at Wintern House in Fishguard.

Vision board

Vision Boarding

Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life

Transformational Workshops

Dawn facilitates regular Vision boarding workshops.  Vision Boarding is a fun and powerful practice for manifesting life experiences with intention.  Through the workshop process you'll become clear on what you want to create, know what it feels like to already have it and create a board that represents that feeling.  

Offered throughout the year - Introduction to the Pendulum for Health, Reiki Practitioner, Refocus on Abundance, Anger and Forgiveness, Hearing your Inner Child and other workshops to deepen your connection with you.  These workshops offer a safe, compassionate space for deep healing and positive change. 

Words from clients

"I think of Kundalini Yoga as the 'happy yoga' because of the upbeat mixture of movement, chanting, singing and relaxation that makes up the class. I feel the energy start to shift around my system and know that I am doing something good for my body, mind and spirit. Dawn is a wise and warm teacher with a lovely positive energy; I thoroughly enjoy and would recommend her yoga classes."

Julia, UK

"Nearly 17 years ago, I began studying kundalini yoga with Dawn. Over time, with her gentle guidance, I have learned to breathe – “just breathe,” as she says. This Breath strengthens, sustains, calms, and energizes. This Breath is present always, already. Powerful, simple. Wonderful! I am profoundly grateful to my beloved teacher and friend."

Genie, USA

"I wholeheartedly recommend the Heal Your Life course! It helped me gain a better understanding of who I am and gave me strategies to deal with life’s challenges that really did work. Dawn is inspirational, her knowledge, support, love and sense of calm creates an atmosphere of safety and learning. I loved doing this course and made genuine friendships – I loved it so much that I did it more than once!!!" 

Julie, UK

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